Writing my First Non-Fiction Book

So, I succeeded in forcing myself not to write any first drafts fiction.

I was not scheduled to write any first draft and I’ve been telling myself that for months now, but I just can’t help it. Now, I succeed in not writing first draft.

I’m scheduled to join a class, where I think we would write something. The requirement is reading four books of local authors. I read the requirement, passed the requirements to the moderator. But I think I might have ruined everything by sounding arrogant and bluntly honest with my reviews about the four books. Because of that I didn’t qualify for the class.

It’s supposed to give me time to query my letters. Get my rejections and talked to agents. Be active in the writing community once and for all.

That was the general idea. But ideas flowed to me and I ended up writing non-fiction.

I started the book so I have to finish it.

The non-fiction book is generally a documentary on how I ended up in this field of writing and maddeningly working for it.

I titled it: Mindsets for Novelists and Artists—Tap Your Unlimited Creative Flow.

Yes, too long. It’s mouthful.

I’ve already did several of the chapters, maybe in the future I’ll organize them until I finished the full book.

This nonfiction scheduled date?

Is set after I published my two books—which can be three years from now. I know. Madness.

I’m trying to preach about focusing on one work at the time, but I just can’t and this lack of ability to focus on one specific book is delaying me in publishing.


Here is why it has to be three years from now. In one of the chapters, I’ve written a line that goes like this:

“I know it’s hard, especially if you haven’t made it yet. But trust me, I’ve been there.”

This sounds like an arrogant claim of saying I already made it, when in truth I haven’t. I guess the title itself says that. Mindsets for Novelists and Artists.

How am I supposed to publish this book if I haven’t written any novel before, right?

If I don’t get traditionally publish in year’s time, I’ll move with self-publishing. The only reason I’m not going that path is I don’t really like self-publishing. No, I’m not talking about the work required by indie authors. I want to fill my pride with that sense of satisfaction that I’ve been accepted by a traditional publisher. That I’m a real author. Nothing wrong with self-publishing. They are real author and I follow some authortube, I have nothing against it. It’s just my opinion for my own self. I want to accomplish a traditional publisher. Besides, if I publish traditionally, I’ll have more time writing rather than doing the technical aspects of self-publishing. So, the quote is still true. If I don’t get it traditionally, I’ll move with self-publishing.


What else can I say in this writing journey section?

I’m consistent with all of my Sundays for three months now. I never missed a single Sunday where I work more than ten hours. Fourteen hours is the average.


I’m in Bo’s Coffee. And I want to thank this place for its existence and its crew.

I’m here every Sunday and for the second time now, they can’t get my name.


Not Russel. I can’t even pronounce the letter `R!`


Its signature song ever since I started coming here is: Something I Need, One Republic.




And there are a lot of lesbians! Four lesbians, two couples. They always come after midnight and take note, always different couples, as if there are lesbian gathering every Sundays.

I don’t know where they are popping from but it’s rare to nothing at all when a straight couple, a guy and a woman comes in and kiss. I’ve never seen anyone. It’s all lesbians in many Sundays I’ve been here. I think it’s sexy, I tried not to look, because I don’t want them to feel judge, and staring in an aesthetic place is wrong, kinda ruin the mood.

Let them be in a lovey cuddly state. They are happy. Why should we interrupt?


I still have too much gas for work.


Until next time.

Date: 09/03/17



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