The 20th Hour—records are meant to be broken

            So today I set a twenty hours of straight writing. I broke my record last year of writing 18 hours straight in one day, which happened several times. I didn’t intentionally set to write twenty hours today. It’s not even on my once a week schedule to write more than ten hours. But it just happened. I guess I was feeling bad the previous days for not meeting up to my standards of hours per day writing. The records are too low and I was disappointed. I’m not going to mention how many hours I scheduled myself to write on the month of February. I don’t want to see myself as crazy or having no life at all. Anyway, it’s just too high and I’ve never done it before. I even removed some of my routines to fit more writing. I succeeded on the first two weeks that if I maintained the same schedule for the next two weeks I would have succeeded. But I failed on the third one with several hours behind. So if I failed by the third week then it’s guaranteed I’m going to failed on the fourth week as the fourth will carry the load of the third week and there are only five days at the last week of February. So I lost.

            I’ve been trying to get this specific hours per month but I failed many times. The thing that I want to happen even though it just required me attending to my craft, won’t happen. This is not taking a test and receiving a failed grade and being disappointed about the result. I just need to attend and get more hours done. It’s all I want. It all depends on me. It did not happen. Yesterday, I get out intending only to write eight hours. But for some reason I continued and kept pushing myself. I usually went to Coffee Bean for my once a week writing session `outside home`. But I tried a different setting this time.

After the eight hours in Coffee Project and when I wanted to go home, I saw the sky turned from black to dark blue to blue, which meant it’s already rush hour. Fully loaded public vehicles. Traffic.  Instead of riding a jeep home I turned around and got to Starbucks. By the time I left Starbucks I had clocked on my “timer” Twenty hours of writing.  Here I am writing this article at passed the twenty hour marked. I wonder about mundane limitations. I still feel fine. Nothing really dramatic. I used to sleep six days a week. Only this time I chose to be productive instead of wasting my time binging on YouTube. One of the reasons I failed the third week is binging on Gordon Ramsay. The Kitchen Nightmares are addictive. I watched Hell’s Kitchen first seasons when it aired on television so I binged some clips on YT.   They are already on the eighteenth season. Then there are F Word and more cooking instructional videos. I’m not a chef. The only thing I know how to cook is rice. J Anyway back to the 20 hours. What did I accomplish? I finished a novel. I counted word count at exactly 43, 639. This is the 3rd book first draft from the high fantasy novel on the series of Heroes and Tyrants. It’s the lowest word count I had. Book one had about 120,000 words and book two averages on that same length. I finished the third book at exactly ten days.

Prior to third book, I’ve been editing another novel which was a part of February schedule. To really touch that hours I wanted for the month.

            I am happy today because I did 20. I did something I thought I can’t do. My fingers are not tired. I don’t feel any fatigue typing. I feel I can go on and on. It’s the sleepiness that I feel. But that can be cured with coffee. On that twentieth hour too I want to log here that I hadn’t eaten anything solid. That is a total of thirty hours straight without meal.  Just coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I feel hungry but the spike is better. My veins are pumping high amounts of Americano or Black coffee.

            So, did I succeed this month? I haven’t count my hours in each day yet.  I don’t think I made it. Even though I didn’t miss any writing day, I got distracted many times and paused my writing. Even though I blocked myself from reading a book, I still failed.

            But once I become a full time author I will make that hours for one month. And I will succeed.

            Nevertheless, this one thing is a good icing to end the month. I never thought writing 20 hrs straight is possible for me.  Thank you February.

Today is March. 01, 2019 (10:30 pm)

Record will be logged in for February. 28, 2019.

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