I probably like a new laptop

Okay, so I’ve been watching laptop reviews on Youtube lately and the more I look the more I drool.

I want a new laptop and though it seemed I can afford a new one, which would really squeeze my account to the last cent, I tried so hard to resist purchasing.

I loved my Asus Transformer TP300. This has been with me for a very long time. This laptop is my very first brought laptop and it took me months to decide if I would really buy one. I remembered it was supposed to be a cell phone I should brought. But I resisted buying a new phone. I strolled into shops, check the cellphones around. I was excited but then my excitement drops. I’m really tight on my budget and I don’t want to waste money and besides, buying a cellphone seemed not a necessary at the time.

What’s necessary?

A laptop.

I’m already around twenty years old then and I still don’t own a laptop. I wrote my novels in pen and paper. With either notebooks or a yellow pad and then I will have to go to the library and typed them. It wasn’t really a hassle since when I brought a laptop, there were still times when I write on pen and paper just to force me to edit them. But later on, I’m doing straight on my laptop.

So I think I really need a laptop. I can’t go on to the library of our University to typed them. Most of the times the queue was long so the students have to wait, and I have to wait. We have a desktop computer at home but then I have siblings who also used the computer, so we would have to wait for each other’s turn. That alone is a hassle and therefore makes me think to really buy a computer of my own.

I searched on the internet and ended up with a hundred of options. I’m not really a techie person so I just got dizzy with all kinds and brands of computer. I have zero knowledge of what an Intel or Atom do. I really don’t and I still don’t know now. I don’t get it when reviewers post many deep words. It just makes you think the higher the number the better. 8GHz is much better than 16 Ghz. That is common sense but what does a giga hertz really do? Is it for memory? How about the RAM then? And then the endless classification.

I looked more and ended with the two in one kind of laptop by Asus. If I’m not mistaken I think was Asus Transformer T100. I liked it, there is already the preinstall Microsoft office. So that is the best option. I got in to the ASUS store with a mind for that kind of laptop. But then I look more to other laptops and ended up going home. Yeah, I’m indecisive. I searched again and found ASUS Transformer TP300. I withdraw the amount and then went on to the store.

The clerk demonstrated the laptop. I looked back into the ASUS T100. Between the two brands, TP300 was much better in a lot of way and because it was much better it was also more expensive. The only tragic downside was that the TP300 didn’t have any preinstalled Microsoft. At the end of the day, I brought it. I sat the laptop at home for days before I opened it and drool on it. I was like, wow. This is my first laptop. This is so awesome. So cool.

After about three years, I’m now looking for a new laptop. I like to think I just want a new design but that is not the full reason. The battery life of my laptop is five hours with internet news and without is six hours. That’s never a day to day basis. Sometimes it just goes on to four hours after a full charge. I never know the problem. Anyhow, I hate it when the battery gives up on me and I suffered many instances of it already. I used my laptop in the library and it will die down on me after four hours. Now, I really have to stand and looked for a place to charge. When I write in fast food chains I only ordered black coffee and sometimes with a sandwich. Back then, when I was still writing on pen and paper, I will only write in food court for long hours without ordering anything. Now, my settings change and I felt obligated to order. So there I was in Mcdonald’s or Dunkin Donuts or Wendy’s, any of the three and typed for longer hours but then my laptop will not survived for very long and die on me. Guessed what happens next? Now, I have to transfer where people do their laptops and where they can charge. I have to do it now in coffee shops that have expensive coffees. I’ll alternate the fast food restaurant and coffee shop. Gosh, my life has indeed become complicated. My life was much simple in pen and paper. Notebook or yellow pad. The only problem then was running out of ink and if I do, I’ll just walk to a bookstore and buy one. Now, my life is no longer like that. My expenses rose astronomically with this laptop.

So there was that. I needed a longer battery life. Another reason I want a new laptop was that this one is starting to hang. This never happened in the first months. But now, there were times I have to wait for seconds.

Another one and probably the best one I like to think was that I need a newer look of computer. Something classy and edgy. Something aesthetic. I really want the Hp Spectre or a Dell Xps 13. Either of the two. No, I can’t afford that but I can buy something else. I just want to look at something new.

So for weeks I drooled. I still didn’t buy anything and probably wouldn’t until I get to publish my book and earn from it. I resist and refocus my energy on this laptop and why this is so good. I realized I don’t used its tent mode all the time. So I turned the screen over in 360 and amazed myself that my laptop can do it. How many laptops can do that? So I create the emotion of liking this laptop before I walk myself to a store and buy a new one. I look at the lid and told myself how awesome this is. It’s black metal. Metal. How many laptops have the quality? Some laptops, those cheaper ones don’t have that kind of lid. Another one is the resolution. It’s so clear and lastly the keyboard. I just loved typing in these keys right now. I can’t stop it. See? You have to be in my place to know how good it is to type. I really do love it. And did I already say its touch screen!

Okay, I have to admit I still want a new laptop but I felt better every time I reason why I should love this computer. Buying a laptop is not necessary right now and I have to tell myself that because if I buy one, my budget for publishing a book would go down. I still don’t know how much I will spend in publishing a book either traditional or self-publish, but I’m sure I’ll have to spend something so I don’t want to touch my money. Hopefully, I don’t. I’m really tempted. I searched online for editors and gosh they charged so high. I can’t even afford them. Probably I wouldn’t get one. So laptop is a no-no-no.

I’m at home these past few days editing.

That’s all for today.




Date written: 02/06/17

Time: 9:45 pm