My 2019 New Year’s Resolution

           I know New Year’s Resolution is something people do and make to have something excited about the New Year. We’re all aware that whatever necessary changes we want to make won’t necessarily echo throughout the year.  But still, it’s all worth the hype we make in ourselves, even though it’s just a few days or at best, a month. At least, we get to try something new even though it’s not permanent. I think that’s why we do it. To reinvigorate our life.  The goal is not to add something for the long term but rather to spice and color one point of our lives. It’s only possible during January.

Why not? We know we are bullshitting ourselves. We know we are bullshitting those people we tell. Everyone knows it. But still, its part of our mundane life so might as well try and do it. For that short burst of experience, it is still worthy.

So here is my 2019 resolutions and something that I’ve always been wanting to do.

1. Go Vegetarian

This one is difficult, especially I’m not the one who prepare food at home. But still, even for just a few days I’ll force myself. I’ve always wanted to go vegan but the external forces prevented me from doing that.

2. Spend more time with family

I have no problem with it. I meant, more. Just more. I think this has something to do with me growing old and becoming more sentimental.

3. Cut out sugar

Last year, I went for two weeks without sugar so I think for just a few days this is possible. I drink my coffee in pure black but there are food that still has sugar. This is achieving the impossible like cutting chocolates and cakes but I’ll try.

4. Hardcore NO PMO

This 2018, one of the best personal achievements that I had is to cut porn in my life. My record this year defeated 2017 record. This year, I had one clean month and two, two straight months where I recorded no masturbation and no porn, a total of five cleanse months. Unsurprisingly, these were also the same months that I logged in more than one hundred twenty hours in writing and thirty hours for language learning. The built up tension and exhaustion from work just demanded me to have a medium where I can relax. I should have watched some television series instead of fapping. Bad idea but lesson learned. Still, I fell. Still, I made to two months straight. That never happened before in my entire twenty-six years of existence. It’s one of my accomplishments this year.

So in 2019, I intend to beat that record by going for three months straight.

5. Have Online Jobs

I wish to have two to three more jobs in the sideline.

6. Socialize

I should have ranked socializing as number one instead of six. Unlike previous resolutions that I have some experienced doing, socializing is important. For more than two years now, I never went out with anyone nor meet my old friends. Right now, I can’t remember a time where I talked to a group for more than one minute. I never went out on a date. I just stayed at home and follow a monk lifestyle. 2019 should change that! But once again, I know this is something I’m bullshitting myself.

I ranked socializing as number one New Year’s Resolution both in 2017 and 2018. For two years straight it has become my main priority but for two years too, I failed greatly. I hope to accomplish it this year and to find friends who share my passion. Sometimes, it’s sad to be lonely.

7. Blogging

I write six days a week, twenty five days a month consistently. So I should have some spare time to write here in my website. The problem is, all of my writing is novel related.

On 2019, I’m looking forward to write at least one article per week.

Of course more than the New Year’s Resolutions, I still prefer to have my current routines maintained. Somehow, these are still priorities for the next year:

1. To continue writing at least 100 hours per month.

2. To continue self-learning my foreign language. 2019 will be my third year on it, so by 2020 I’m looking forward to be fluent in my third language.

3. Maintain three days a week of exercise

4. Read 24 Books this year

5. No Social Media

6. No Fap

7. Clean Lifestyle

Have an exciting and fulfilling 2019!

Happy New Year!