Month Ending and Laptop Malfunctioning

I don’t know if what is happening right now is meant to happen. My schedule is being ruined with a lot of things coming against my way. It wasn’t that I’m resisting them, it was just getting me irate. My laptop was an important part of my day. I spent an entire day with it. I write with it. I learn a language with it. I watched Youtube and reconnect friends with it.


I liked to say the past weeks my day was going well. I finished a new novel with one day delayed on my deadline and I’m proud to say I reached my one hundred thousand plus words on my target word count in the least amount of time possible. While working on the last chapters of that novel my laptop would ocassionally crushed. It had a blue screen on it. That says, system_service_excemption. My laptop would automatically restart at least thrice a day while I’m in the middle of my work. It wasn’t that bad as I had my patience for it.

Another thing I accomplished was that I finished reading Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. Good book, great prose and immersive. I enjoyed reading it. Finishing my novel and the book filled me with satisfaction on the things I’m completing with my schedule.

I would try to tone down everything by May. Even told myself that I may not focus on writing. Anyhow, days after that, and a day after a family vacation in Subic I opened my laptop. The letter `a` was not working. Out of all the keys that would not work. It had to be A and Z. I mean, it could be the slash and marks, right? Or the numbers. I don’t care. But why does it have to be A?!

Good thing my laptop was touch screen. But typing from a keyboard and releasing the softward keyboard every time I needed the Z and X annoyed me a lot. It interrupted my thought flow and I just had to push back and take a break. You see, I just can’t stop myself writing. I decided to edit the book close to publishing. I set that for the entire month of May. So I took a day off from writing and felt guilty for not doing anything. I opened it the next day and researched for possible solutions. It could be that the A was just randomly malfunctioning. It was still not functioning. I tried removing the key and cleaning it. Nope. Didn’t work. Finally, I had to reboot my system without losing my files such as word documents, photos and videos.  This wasn’t a restart. I waited. And guessed what came next? I lost some of the apps! I lost Microsoft Word where I write daily. Instead of having a solution, I created a major problem. I also lost some of the apps. A video editing software as I planned to create videos this May. Now, it was gone. Good thing? My laptop was not going on a blue screen. But the A and Z were not still functioning and MS Word was lost. During this time, I decided to write in pen and paper just as I used to .

Insights on this kind of catastrophic events? Sometimes life will get in the way. It will intervene and stops everything. During this time, perhaps it was best to settle down and think of your progress.

I did a lot of thinking during this time. Apparently, only a short time. At the end though I’m still doing the same thing. I’m annoyed it slowed me down. I looked at my calendar and days are blank. There was nothing there that said I wrote or learn. It was annoying but I also accepted it. I cannot control it and so I tried the best patience I can muster during this time around. I’m considering of buying a usb keyboard. But I really loved the keyboard on my laptop.

Another lesson? I felt like the Universe or God was telling me tto simply stop what I’m doing right now. For me to let go and do some other things. What was the coincidence of all of this happening after I finished writing my novel and reading the book? What? It could have happened during and while I’m writing. Instead, as if God’s guidance he let me finished what I set myself to finished before everything else came down in a landslide. I should be aware of this things and I tried to think what I could learn from this. The insight. What the universe is trying telling me.


This is it for today.

Sometimes life will get in the way, something will come up. Don’t be disappointed when it do. It’s called life. Accept it and move on. Eventually, things will get back in order and you will have what you’re doing all over again. You can always come back to what you are always doing. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying life. For the meantime, take a break. Try something new.

Until next time. . .


Date written: May.08, 2017

Time: 12 Midnight