My Messy Revision Style

I have nothing to write here.

I’m so lazy to add something in this blog.

I didn’t really used any creative juices today because I’m editing for the whole day.

But anyhow, let me just share you some of my revision styles. This is not my whole process and I still struggle with revising/editing/rewriting side of writing. I don’t even know the difference of copy to line editing at this point in my writing and this is in spite of writing novels consistently for more than seven years already. I’m more into creative hack of writing short stories almost every week and at least one novel every two months. But I really have a problem going back to them, as ideas just flood me and I have to keep them at bay by writing. There are many instances I told myself I should stop writing first draft because if I just focused one book four years ago, there’s a chance I’’ll be self-publishing my fourth book by now.

Back to the point, here are things I first considered in revising:


What are the needed scenes?


Did I present my story the way I wanted to present them?


It’s about clarity for me. Let me copy paste what’s going on right now. The exact lines on my document right now. No holds barred.


((PLOT HOLE: Truce was a journalist, right? Couldn’t he used his position?

How about this:


He will used his position and demand for the date last Friday and Thursday to be seen.

He will see all of the videos.

You’re thinking Truce shouldn’t see all the videos. To give the reader the benefit of the doubt that only Friday and Thursday are gone. Your goal is to create a red herring presentation. But it backfires and falters. 

 and there were other days where Truce and Mekalina could have met.  It’s okay. Truce will accuse Alexa of deleting the content anyway. ..

He couldn’t passed the situation easily, and he felt the urge to go to the authorities. (Couldn’t passed it weak. What do you mean by this? Show don’t tell.  Easily is an adverb. Delete this. Wtf? To go to the authorities is too wordy.)




So, I’m not going to read this and you don’t have to understand it. But as you can see I ask questions and I answer them. I expanded more rather than just give one answer. Because one scene has to connect to the next scene. Think about it as in layers.

It’s more about reflections. If I do this or If I do that. Note: This is not brainstorming on what can possibly happen in my novel. The story is already done. It’s more about how the story will be shown. Think about a car and a moving curtain. A lot of people can have dozens of sentences on how to show the car and the curtain. That is what I’m doing. I’m not just changing scenes, I’m changing presentations.


I write what I’m thinking. Why did I present it this way?

Do I want the reader to feel this way? (I don’t consider the reader when I’m writing. I write what I want to write. But when you choose what you’re going to write, you do your best to present it in best ways you can. Think about it as baking a pasta. You can do it in many ways but the end presentation will not change and it’s up to you.)

I reflect and expand on my own questions from the already done novel.

Is a character consistent throughout?

I will put a bold note just beside the text if I’m not clear and write my comments, why? Well, because I don’t really know the setting of `comments` in MS Word. And I don’t want my settings change when I’m writing.

I also add  this symbol: () If I don’t understand a phrase or a word. Trust me, I like to say I write words that I know but during the first draft phase when I’m just letting ideas flow out I don’t judge what I’m putting out and sometimes a word I don’t use or I don’t even know will just be in paper. This is my epiphany and I ask myself where I got those. During a read through, I don’t know what it meant. When I seek the dictionary for its meaning, sometimes the word is just right and I don’t know how it really happened since I don’t `consciously` know the word. Sometimes the word is wrong and I always ask myself where I get those.


This specific novel is already on the fifth draft. I took three rounds of edit/revising last year. One in January, 2016. And if I’m not mistaken two rounds in July to August. Plus the first draft that I originally wrote in pen and paper because I don’t have a laptop yet.

Now, August, 2017 is the fifth time.

See my messy process? I could have focused on this work for six months. That’s the average time most full time writers do their writing. Brandon Sanderson said the average time it takes him to write a novel was six months.

I’m really forcing myself to focus on this novel but I’ll be occupied with other writing.






So my best take recently?

Asking questions. Reflect on a scene. Spend a lot of time in a paragraph. I try really not to fall on the read through category, so what I’m doing is branching out an entire paragraph into sentences.


-Ask questions.

-Reflect on a scene.

-Spend a lot of time in a paragraph.

-I try really not to fall on the read through category, so what I’m doing is branching out an entire paragraph into sentences. (Just like this one.)



I do this for the whole novel. This is more about sentence structuring rather than the story itself. Story remains the same with this kind of revision, only the method of presentation is changed. Sometimes one of my high fantasy novel takes around twenty sentences. So, I’ll tear the paragraph apart until I see them line by line.


This technique will be the best way to improve writing. Because you should never start two sentences with the same word. Such as He went to the market. He dressed up. Changed one sentence. Only repeat the first word if you want emphasis. He loves her. He will die for her. Those high intensity scenes.


So what else?

I made marks.

And most of all I’m deleting hundreds of words. There was one chapter where I have 1.5. By the end, I only had seven hundred words. Because they became repetitive.


Yes. My revising and editing process is a mess.  I don’t like the technical of writing very much.


This is all for today.

This article is messy.


I’m really hungry.

Until next time.


Date: Aug. 20, 2017

Time: 4:10 am.

Setting: Bo’s Coffee Makati