On Language Learning


          I’m not going to begin why I learned a language. It’s not like I have a list of why and the why is enough for me to get going. Not really. Sometimes, there are just surface reasons on why we do things. As the month of March ended, I would say I’m already five months in, in the Russian language. Five months! Looking back, I’m still half-believed I indeed jumped into this commitment of learning a language. How I attended each day to learning Russian language on my own. Just like my writing, I timed this hobby of mine. And gladly I didn’t falter. Because of this, I just feel like I can commit myself to any activity and focus growing on it.

I like the experience of learning a language. Of finding out about new culture and a new structure of a language. The utterances of words and construction of sentences is just beautiful. I never see myself before, being in this kind of field. But here I am. What do I love about this? I don’t know. I like to say passion and the intense desire to just learn and keep growing. You see, I love presenting in schools. Drama, arts and plays. Recently, I stumbled into a Russian poem. I’m already a college graduate so I’m not doing this kind of thing anymore, I’m no longer presenting before an audience. It was as if once you step out of college, you leave everything behind. No quizzes to study. No assignment reading to be done. Nothing. So, I think memorizing a Russian poem is my way back into it.

Now, as I think about it, does memorizing a Russian poem help me in learning the language? I like to say no. Why? The words are deeper. Some words in the poem are not modernly used by Russians today. Russians may know the poem. Pushkin is famous there. But the words used in the poem? I don’t think I can use that in any situation. And I think this is just common. There are also deep words in my first language that are not being used today. A poem in my first language will have words that no one is using today. The words are not completely extinct as elders and professors used them, it was just that the generation today are not using them anymore.

Anyway, I still memorize it. Simply because I feel the passion in every word. The love and work that is exerted. I’m fond of any creation put out there and when I read it, compared the Russian text to English, I feel the passion. And so I memorize it even though I’m not going to be using the words.

Sometimes we just have to feel it in our heart to do a certain task. There’s no need for explanation. Sometimes we just have to listen to our gut and let it lead us. I’m intuitive so I guess that is connected with the feeling of a strong desire. Don’t make me explain it but having intuition and strong desire is different. I love learning. That is strong desire. That is the burning feeling I feel in my heart. Intuition is something you feel, just below your heart and something that tells you what to do. You would never have a feeling of a strong desire if you don’t see it or you’ve never been there. Intuition leads you to the strong desire. Maybe it’s called a complete trust on faith. Maybe something more.

I don’t really know. But this is all for day.

Until next time.



Date written: 04/01/17

Time: 4:00