Journey to Publishing

No, I haven’t receive any acceptance letter as of this article.

This writing journey is just the same as last week. Another more than ten hours of writing.

But today is different for many reasons. I’m not using creativity to produce writing. I’m not writing first drafts just as I used too.

Since the start of the day, I was lost as what to do. So, I started editing some of my novels. This is not smart working. This is completely me, banging my head in a wall. Working without goal. Not smart. Not recommended. I opened at least four novels and decided to edit them.

After some time, I decided I needed a direction and if I want to be publish that’s not what I should do today.

I focused on editing a few chapters but not a random novel in my vault. Novels closed to publishing. I edited first chapters.

After that I decided to write cover letters! Yes, finally, some smart worked being done.

I think it’s already late in the year for me to submit anything. My target publisher said they only accepted submissions during the first quarter of the year. But they didn’t say no one should submit anything, so I’m going to pass something around next week. I’ve written cover letters, synopsis, blur and about author. The most difficult? The summary. I’ve written them many times. The blurb too. There are a lot of ways to approach it. Different methods that say different things about the story as if that will change the plot.

This specific novel is the one I’ve mistakenly write for a young adult competition. Mistakenly because I foolishly and failed to missed something. I would still get into a different article about that. The gist is, I’ve written a novel in a genre that I don’t write, in a wrong language. Competition was looking for a Filipino language. I swore I looked at the post many times. I only found out it was only Filipino when one of the competitor mentioned it. Looked again and there it goes. It went like this: Filipino/Tagalog. My brain probably mistook it as English/Tagalog. So, I’m out of the competition but of course I’ll submit it. I edited and revised them, and it’s the shortest I’ve done, which was why they would probably come first than the big chunk of novels I’ve written.

Planning to submit another novel to a different publisher too.

I like to say I will hope to work for the best. But nahh, I’ll submit a lot, put so much work, in order to hit that sweet spot in publishing.


My setting right now? Bo’s Coffee. They started with a bad music. Different from last week. But now, they compensated with their classic song that reminds me of this place if it’s played somewhere else. This used to be their playlists when I started coming here.


What else? I’m into book five of my magnum opus. That high fantasy I’m working on. I was working on the first draft the past weeks. Two weeks into it already, I think. I just decided to take a pause today and work on something else, because I’m about to end that book five by tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m just maintaining the setting I’ve written it. I’ve done the entire book at home. I’ll probably finished first draft tomorrow.

Oh, and I brought pack lunch today and ate it in the food court.


This is all my report.


Date: 07/10/17

Time: 2:00 am