Why I don’t Open my Facebook

Okay, contrary to the title I just opened my Facebook ten seconds ago. I don’t normally open my Facebook. Probably, twice a week but not more. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m feeling anxiety? And I’m not feeling productive with scrolling news feed and catching up with some people.

But I opened it to see what the latest is. Oh, the reason I was opening it is because I’m waiting for someone’s message. Her PM was April 9 and it was already April 12. So I’m three days delayed to answer her message. Anyhow, I answered it.

The chat was just popped in one corner and so I can see the news feed. Something ticks at the back of my head like shit and my blood boils. I shouldn’t be affected by it. I really tried to be cold as a stone. I would say I’m not affected by most of the news feed but this one gets in my nerves.

Some mediocre rant from someone who don’t understand why people work in coffee shops. You see, maybe I’m reacting because I’m so guilty as charge and I try to understand the context. Maybe he’s attacking customers who are staying for very long in coffee shops because he doesn’t have any available seats right? And therefore makes his argument valid. Really. So that’s all for today, see you on the next article.

Until next time.


No. I think he doesn’t understand where some people are coming from. First of all, I order only one coffee cup because I can’t afford a cheese cake and no it’s not wrong to order one cup and stay there for hours. I’ve never been thrown away from the establishment. In fact, much as I like to say, the crew likes people to be there. Now, why do we get there? Maybe for a change of environment. I used to go out once a week and write outside. This is only once a week! For the rest of the week, which was six days I’m at home trying to cramp writing. So I have to snap my environment just for change sake. I have to turn around and let more creative juices flowing in. I just have to change the environment. That’s all to it.

And lastly, yeah, I know I’m going on a defensive and I shouldn’t. Let me just finish. Lastly, I think those who study and work at coffee shops comes in late at night. I think, this shit is not understanding the value of work. I’ve been there the longest than anyone and I’ve seen people come in past twelve midnight. What are those night owls do? Ninety percent of them goes there to work! A majority of them for their class in school, and a rare people for their work. So cut those ninety percent and the coffee shop loses its customer. Get it now? And we tend to be regular. I’m regular every week. I have the Starbucks Planner to prove just that. I’m not being defensive.

We, and those who go to coffee shops, we crank up the hours and make use of the time we are there. We are not there dabbling around and we are definitely not `showing up`? Is that the right word? Showing out? Showing bad? Fuck, for an aspiring novelist I’m absolutely a mess up. I think he mentioned showing up, somewhere in the text. The text is two pictures, I just didn’t get to copy the other one. I alt+F4 as soon as I reply to my message. I’m not opening Facebook again. It slows my lifestyle.

Right now, I’m at home so I think I’m not being defensive. Though I think after writing the word `defensive` ten thousand times, I will like to say, I’m not as defensive as you think I am. Nope. I’m not…

So this article has just become a rant and I’ve thrash about fifteen minutes for this nonsense article alone and I kind of hate it.


For the second time around I will say, until next time.

Date: 04/12/17