Documenting Magnus Opus

The Documentation

So, I’ve missed logging in journal tracks here. I really get lazy writing blogs, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing, especially novels. Actually, only novels. I had replaced Bo’s Coffee for a new one and though I missed that place, the usual ambience, familiar music and some familiar faces, it was time to let that go for something new. Enter Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I had been thinking of writing this entry since November, when I had transferred here. But I was deeply working on my Magnus Opum, temporarily titled for now as Stars Series that I didn’t really have time to squeeze a blog entry in a usual fourteen hours Sunday work. I was feeling exhausted and my website left dry and untouched for months now.


Over the past weeks and months, last year, I had worked, hustled and pushed hard that special series of mine. I’m only writing the first draft for the third to the last book, which would come to completion until the twelfth book. I had finished the eleventh book last week, so I’m only left with two, the last book of the series and the seventh. I skipped the seventh and didn’t start it because it wouldn’t affect the entire story arc. With or without it, the story wouldn’t be affected, whereas if I removed book two for instance or three, there are scenes in other books that wouldn’t make sense without reading earlier books.

First two books had more than 200,000 words.

The following novels averaging 100,000 words each. (There is still no seventh book)

And the last thee closer to 80,000. (The last part wasn’t written yet)


Writing this series felt a sense of satisfaction. They were far from being published. Hell, my target for the publication date of the first book of this series will be four years from now. I took it to perspective that if this was ever to be a masterpiece, my chosen magnus opus, I must have a long term mindset. In the next four years, I’m planning to write, revised and edit only the first book of the series, since by the next months the remaining two books should be done, and I’ll be starting the real work.  I don’t have a general idea of the 12 books series anymore, because they’re already done.

At this rate, I would have more than about 1 Million words for the entire series, and still growing.


There are a lot of advantages taking this route rather than focusing on the first book and publishing the first book before writing the second.

First, obviously, the story is already done. I now have the full picture of how the story will look like. Presentation would be next, fixing it, and everything that had to do with revising and editing. Double, triple more work was probably needed, but the point right now is, I’ve already had a grasp of the ending and the events leading there.  I know what will come.

Second, I had trained my creative process to be in flow and state most of the time. Every Sunday, I left myself without a choice but to perform and write until I cut that fourteen hours of work.

Third, giving up when the story was already done didn’t just make sense anymore. At this current writing, I don’t think I’ve been rejected enough for me to feel any dwindling mood to give up writing. I think I just had five rejections from different novels to really feel that pain. I would keep track of rejections soon. But the point and the lesson here is, the story is already done that telling me to give up in the near future would be impossible. I was just thinking of the worst comments I would receive from someone: It’s bad. The novel sucks. But then the obvious emotional behavior would kicked in. The need to create. I have been doing this for long, it’s equivalent to brushing my teeth. The thought that the series was already finished and more work was only left to do added to the sense of not giving up. In fact, there is less creative thinking left. The technical work that would do the heavy lifting, which for me, was the hardest and most difficult part of the process. I think reaching this stage on my novel writing made me more resilient to the craft. I built resilient in me rather than just writing several novels. I’m building the hobby, which was important rather than scribbling endlessly. The point is not it’s whether it’s good or bad, the point is learning to push myself to work and squeeze my creativity.

I liked repeating this to get the point and understanding across to me. Ten books of my magnus opus was already done. Finished. If I was told by someone to give up, I can’t drop it and turn to something. I’ve spent so much time with the characters and the world for me to simply give up and say, choose piano out of nowhere because exhaustion or rejections are too much for me. Writing a lot of novels, I think made that five rejections only a passing thought. I read it, try to learn from their comments, which really had nothing to learn from. The email mostly consisted of the publisher telling me, they are not looking for that kind of story at the moment, and good luck with my future endeavor. I guessed I haven’t really been in that stage where my rejection immunity should have be develop. I felt frustrated a lot of times, but the frustration to give up was too far from me. I would rather be in a frustrated feeling in an occasional swing than completely dropped what I was doing.

Fourth, I guess this is related to the third. I’ve only proven to myself this is what I wanted to do in my life. The many more than ten hours in my calendar logged was a testament. I wouldn’t do anything except this and though I don’t want to say it, I wouldn’t take any material wealth value just to exchange this craft I had stumbled upon many years ago. I want to earn from this as much as I could, I just need that clear direction how to get there. This might be funny, but I really don’t have any idea how ecommerce work. How the internet works. How someone can earn and pay online. How someone pays in Amazon or not. Do I go to my bank or not? How do I create to earn online? What do I need? How can someone buy online? I already have the set of supposing `self-publishing` books done and that the only thing those books are waiting for, is for me to developed skills needed or requirements to submit and create an Amazon account.  The books I scheduled to publish traditionally on contrary will remain traditional, so there is no problem with that. I have specific path which of my novel will go to traditional and self-publishing.

Closing to finishing my Magnus Opum series only reinforced to me to write more and more, which I will be doing this 2018. I think, I’ll be increasing my writing hours log per month. And seriously getting to publishing. I’m somehow excited to get to my first twenty rejections. I should have done this last year. But hey, patience is the name of the game I’m playing. Another wish list I want to have is to be able to attend writing classes and to have access. Last year, if I can remember right, I only attended one. 2016 were two. All those three lasted only a single day and I felt they were not enough for me to learn. As I searched even today, I couldn’t find any local writing workshops to find other writer minded friends. Someone to talk to about writing. I have been here for years and still I haven’t met anyone who writes novels. I’m having this odd belief, I’m alone here.


On the side note, I’ve completed all stickers stamps of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf completed. Accumulated from once a week of writing here. I got a new journal planner as a reward from it.


Until next time.

Vicotrianne Castle

Writing this day of: 01/14/18


Update 03/07/18: 11 books, the entire series is already done.