Books I Read in 2016

It occurred to me I should put a list of the books I read in 2016.

Just so I know what books I have been reading so far. I had looked at my shelf at home, picked one and remember when the last time I read them. So for an easy access, here it is according to Goodreads report.

Yes, I hundred percent completed my reading challenge of 24/24 without changing the number throughout the year. Trust me, being aware of the challenge make it more difficult. I read around the same number of books in 2015 but that was before I committed in Goodreads. So I can say that 24 books are my average to read books in a year and I should be aiming for that, right?

My target read this year is only 12. Yes, too low. I’m even feeling sad about it. Why? My schedule is about to change. It wouldn’t be the same as the last years. I will have to take a job, so I guessed I would have to tone down the numbers. Then there is writing, which I will never drop from my daily routines and language learning. So I don’t think I can hit 24 books this year. And another thing is, I’m a slow reader.

I really envied some readers who could read fifty books in a year. Some of them? One hundred books in a year! That’s a dazzling, jaw dropping numbers to read a book and I wonder how they do it.

I stumbled in an interview of Sarah Chorn. And guessed how many books she claimed to read in a year? 200! As in, Two Hundred. I mean, how in the demon is such a feat freaking possible?! No, this is not thin books less than fifty thousand words. These are the average novel eighty thousand plus words. And when you think Sarah is an outlier, let’s push the bar a little higher. Richard Auffrey mentioned in his blog he read 225 books for the year twenty-sixteen!

How I hope these people will give some advice how to read so many books in a year.

Here are the links:

Sarah Chorn:

Richard Auffrey:

Now that I’m looking at my own list I kind of feel good for accomplishing reading goals in 2016. I wasn’t really paying attention to it as I just logged in the date start and the finish date. I never get a one glance over look of what kind of books I read. It’s good to look at them in February.

But here it is in order from January- December

  1. 11 Laws of Likeability – Michelle Lederman

First Non-fiction for the year.

  1. Inferno – Dan Brown

Instant favorite. I loved villains with a great purpose. I even wrote a similar story about mass murder a long time ago and the reason was very similar. Resources declines as population increases. Solution? Reduce the number of people.

*This has a movie starring Tom Hanks. I haven’t watch it.

  1. The Longest Ride- Nicholas Sparks

I can’t remember the story right now. But I’m sure it’s good as I gave it four stars. I think?

  1. The Snow Queen – Michael Cunningham

Has some gay stuff on it. A literary fiction.

  1. Desert God- Wilbur Smith

An epic story about ancient Egypt. There is a Phaoraoh. Setting is in a dessert and a castle. If you are into that stuff, then this is for you.

  1. Welcome to Envy Park – Mine V. Esguerra

The author is from my own country. My first book for the year to support local authors. It’s a Romance modern day story.

  1. The Cold Commands – Richard Morgan

This novel is fantasy and that’s all I can say. This is a book 2 of a series. I don’t really like the story of this book so I’m not going to read the trilogy. I can’t even remember what this book is all about. I read the blurb now, but nothing is coming in. It’s so unlike with other books. I’m not sure where to put the blame. Maybe because this is a second book and there were terms and world building I didn’t know. It’s as if I have to read the first book. If I recall now, there were also parts I couldn’t understand.

  1. The Darkness the Comes Before – Scott Bakker

Here is a fact: I am searching for high fantasy novels. Something that is dark and with a lot of violence on it. I get tired of long descriptions from high fantasy novels. Moreover, I want a philosophical novel. Fiction and nonfiction fused. Many names came out such as Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson. As I scroll, makes me think if I am really a reader as I don’t know who these people are. Anyway I searched top fantasies and though this book is not in the top ten it makes me pick this because of the word `philosophy.` Yes, I’m deep into that stuff as I spent my vacant time questioning the meaning of life.

I decided for this and I go to our main bookstores. Powerbooks and National Book Store. They don’t have stocks. I email them and there was none. So I went to Booksale where they sell second hand books. I’m having a gut feeling the book I was looking for was there. I’ve been telling myself that my intuition is strong. I entered, looked at the pocket books and then turn around. Right in my eye level there it was and I was like. Oh, okay. What are the chances of me looking at a rare to find book and being able to find it? I pull this humongous book and brought it. By the way, this is only a single copy. I’ve looked for this kind of book again and again on other branches and they don’t have any stock. I felt so lucky. One book in this country.

This became an instant favorite of mine. At that time, this was top of the list beside Inferno.

It’s about a pretentious prince who gains followers and ascend through manipulation. Take not, it’s not the usual underdog story. Kellhus, the main character has the upper hand right from the start. He is a little bit of a sociopath and is determine to take whatever he wanted at any cost.

  1. Blood Infernal – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

You want a book about an angel in modern day? Pick this novel. It is a supernatural and apocalyptic novel with adult characters.  There were three main characters. One of them is a Priest.

What is more amazing? This novel has garnered a high rating in Goodreads with 4.21. Four stars on average. Highest than any of the novels on this list so far. If you are after the ratings, then this book is for you. Btw, it is a trilogy and Blood Infernal is the last book.

  1. One Silent Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Yes, I read paranormal romance too.

I read Styxx and it’s one of my favorite. There is something with ancient and romance and fantasy all mixed up. I just like how the elements come together. Styxx started in some 4,000 B.C. something and that’s what I like about it. Then there are Gods.

But this book? Nahh. Kenyon writes on modern day setting. It goes on with her Dark-Hunter series that just throws me off. The reason I’m not reading other books. I wish everything will have some ancient on it. But Styxx was five star for me.

  1. The Warrior Prophet Scott Bakker

Book two of the Darkness that Comes before. I had this book imported from Singapore as I already mention that this series doesn’t have available stock in my country. I tried searching for Warrior Prophet. There was just none. So I asked my Aunt from Singapore and she brought this novel and the next one. She gave it to me when she visited us. So, thanks my aunt for that.

My rating? Two Stars. Yes, it’s plummeted. I’m really disappointed at the outcome of the story. And I’m not a fan of cheating woman novels. One of the main characters cheated on another main character who was a mentor of that main character. Get it? It’s a love triangle. The only reason this woman is falling for that guy is that he is so so smart in everything while this other guy though a great guy is no one. And to think the woman is the main character?

  1. The Thousandfold Thought – Scott Bakker

I only gave this book three stars. I’m disappointed at how this series ended.

This is the end of Prince of Nothing series.

  1. The Awakening – Arlene Manocot

Another local. It has a dark side on it that I don’t really support. Typical erotica. Alpha male showing his power to a woman. At first, the woman don’t like it but deep inside she does. If I can remember it correctly, there was also a force sex. How many times did we see this? This just proved women’s rape fantasy. Yes, they don’t tolerate it but as long as the guy is that fantasy slash awesome guy he can get out of it. Check it out, if you want this kind of story. I gave it two stars.

  1. False Memory – Dean Koontz

I so love this book! I gave it a five star rating. I don’t like it’s only an average of three stars in goodreads. I mean, come on. Yes, I understand suspense was lost at the mid part but this is still good.

This is my kind of book and became one of my favorites. There was suspense, thrill and horror.

  1. The Elfstones of Shannara – Terry Brooks

Another epic fantasy. Main characters are around 15-20 years old. Does this qualify a YA? No?

It is an adventure where the character is required to get an item in order for everyone to survive.

  1. Adultery – Paulo Coelho

How many times do I have to stumble in a book like this? Another book where the main female character is a cheater. This one just gets better. She is simply bored of her marriage. What’s the better way? To cheat on your husband and steam up your sexual life. I would have like this book if she is the antagonist. But she is the main character of the story.

How does it became more interested? She finally realizes she can’t cheat to her every faithful husband. She just can’t do it. So she walked back to the guy. You would expect it was a goodbye. Well, it was a goodbye sex with a lot of anal, facial and blowjob. As they say, save the best for last.

Then she goes back to her husband who, you guessed it right. Accepts her after all that had happened. The story is about forgiveness, mind you. Instead of leaving her, they stayed together. Then they went on a vacation and she felt so so free. And then she emotionally cry, feeling like a victim. Husband comes in and woman says she needed some time alone. Husband gave her that. If you are after this kind of theme then get Adultery.

I gave it two stars and realized I never gave books one star. Hmmm.

  1. The Strain – Guillermo Del Torro and Chuck Hogan

I got this book through the library. I’ve been in my University for years didn’t realize I could borrow books. Well, I didn’t realize they have novels. In my lazy mind they just have thick academic books. Imagine that. I only have two months left in my University before I realized I could do something like this. Now, I’m feeling nostalgia.

This book is amazing. It is just pure in high octane action and less on description. I think it is given because del Torro works on movies.

It’s about a virus that is about to spread in your city and then turns you into a vampire. Then the virus spreads, creating more vampire. You will love the suspense in the first half of the book. It really forced me to turn the pages on and on. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s global annihilation and survival. I gave this four stars.

  1. The Fall – Guillermo Del Torro and Chuck Hogan

              Book 2 of the Strain. Need I say more?

  1. The Night Eternal – Guillermo Del Torro and Chuck Hogan

This one I borrowed from a friend. It’s a good conclusion. Finishing an entire trilogy in one seating couldn’t be that good. I mean, I don’t have to wait for years until the next book.

Because of this I watched the TV show The Strain. There was a lot of changes but nevertheless it’s good and so underrated by many. I did a marathon of the three seasons and watched it every day for more than twenty one days. In some way this had become part of my schedule. When I was done, I wonder what I will do, now that it’s finished.

Fourth and last season is coming this 2017. I’m hoping they make it one hour.

  1. Clear Winter Nights – Trevin Wax


This novel is about Christian faith. The main character has a lot of questions and a relative of his, a retired pastor will give the answers to the questions he seek.

Are you into religion? About God? Then this is the book.

It’s a light and chill read.

  1. Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Found this book because it’s thin to look at. At this time, I’m worried I will not hit my reading challenge goal, so what better way than to pick a short one?

Creative and imaginative collection of how our after life will and possibly could be. There was a part where we are all turn into atoms. No, it’s not a novel and not like the one on number twenty.

This book is for pure entertainment only not unless you want to convince yourself you are only in this world to gather data to a higher computer source.

  1. Plot and Structure – James Scott Bell


Second non-fiction if I’m not mistaken and what better way to have this book than in NanoWrimo! Yes, I won the camp with 100k plus words. And now that novel is stuck along with the novel.

Looking for a writing guide? How to plot and revise?

I’ve learned a thing or two in reading this book, especially how you set up a flashback in a scene. Loved that. I’ve been doing it one way and James gave me many ways to do it.

If you want to smoothen your writing styles then check this one out. I think this is my first book about writing.

  1. Every Day – David Levithan


Same person walks up in a different body every day. Man, gay, lesbian, woman. It doesn’t matter.

The novel is also deep at times.

  1. The Judging Eye – Scott Bakker

My aunt from Singapore is visiting us again and so I ordered the next book after The Thousandfold Thought.

It’s set in the same world and has the same characters. Though it’s a continuation of the story this one is a new series called Aspect-Emperor. I’m not really impressed with this new book but regardless I will finish the story.

I only gave it three stars because I felt it’s a drag.

*Note: I already read the next book, White-Luck Warrior. And it’s so awesome! I don’t know what to say to about. White-Luck Warrior has every theme I want to have in a book and I couldn’t look any further. There is shock and action. At always there was philosophical theme. It is dark and has some scenes that will throw you off, but that is why I like this novel. I realized, because of this book I’m committing more to grimdark novels.

My top favorites for the year 2016: False Memory, Inferno, The Darkness that Comes Before, The Strain.

My want to reads book this 2017?

-Age of Myth, Sullivan Michael

-Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson

-Son of the Black Sword, Correia Larry

-Beneath a Southern Sky, Reney Deboray

-Elon Musk, Vance Ashlee (Nonfiction)

-Falling While Sitting Down, Joshua Fields

-Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Russian literature)

-Winds of Winter, George R.R Martin (I didn’t read the other books of Song of Ice and Fire, but so what? I’m excited for this. I mean, everyone is. Right?)

-Unholy Consult, R. Scott Bakker (Last book of Aspect-Emperor. I haven’t order the second book in Aspect-Emperor because I’m waiting for the release of Unholy Consult. I want to read the two books straight, just like how I did with the Strain.)

I’ll probably drop Brandon Sanderson books as I read from some of the comments that his books are a chill book. Something like the Elfstones of Shannara. I’m basically looking for a lot of violence and sex on a fantasy.

I’m also hoping to read the thousand plus pages of Brothers Karamazov. I think, I would be investing two months for that length of book and I don’t know what month to fit that in.

I really want to read the way other people read.

That’s all for today.

Date: 02/12/17

Time: 4:00 AM