So I’m finding myself hugely sentimental lately. Everything, and I mean almost literally, is ending within this week.

Today is my last day in my internship.

As I am fixing the magazines I find myself sentimental and drawn as if I don’t want this to end. Maybe, I don’t. I have my own table here and I really like it. I really do feel this has become mine. This table is set specifically for me. If I spread my arms wide, that was the length of this table. So this table is perfect. I don’t have a nice table at my home, so this can do.

The drawers on its lower sides are empty when I first came in here, so I had placed some of my things there.

There is also a small empty cabinet on the right. I had put there my mug and my coffee sachets throughout my internship.

Before I got here, there were no magazines in display. I brought them in, almost the entire issues since the start of this publishing house. I read, not all of them though. I also wrote my own articles and see if I could pass it to the editor and passed the credentials, and get it to publish. This was a traveling magazine. The editor never came in here and I only met him once in a hotel. Writing an article is not part of my internship description. I am more into auditing and computer, but I was able to write articles. I had chosen the time I went to Sydney Australia and hoped that article would be publish.

Most of the time I’m not doing anything. Nothing at all. There were days when I came in here and my kind Supervisor didn’t give me any work. My internship looks like this: 70% work while 30% of doing nothing. So I got to make that thirty percent worthwhile. I think I was able to write a chapter of my novel and edit a few more scenes while I’m in here. I also managed to watch some YouTube clips. A quarter of that thirty percent was spent on reading travel articles and it made me drool and want to travel.

I was able to divulge in different countries and their culture through the words and experiences of those who wrote them. I traveled to Europe, Asia, and United States. I really wanted to go here and there.

I traveled around the world, seeing those pictures. I was immersed and felt the need to travel.

In fact, only in this internship I got a hint of what I would do when I graduated. I want to be a stewardess. This never came before me, but my time in here made me consider that option.

There was also a sense of productivity and maybe I just ought to get this table and bring it home. Because well, no one would be using this table and this room would be vacated for many months again, with no one to occupy it. I mentioned before in my Internship Companion that there were only three people in this floor. This room wouldn’t have any occupants.

As I lean on this office chair, I really can’t help but want to extend my days here further.  I can actually write a lot in this table and chair. So many mentions of table and chair. I’ll probably change the title to table and chair. I think I’ll passed by the hardware and purchased a table too. My table at home is a foldable small squared flat. The chair here, is also the one you see in offices where you can adjust it up and down, turned 360 angle and rolled it on the floor. It is cushioned. And my feelings here were professional. Makes me think I am a full time writer.

I enjoyed my time here and would surely missed it. From July 19, the day I started, to now, October 05. It is now time to say good bye. Everything must come to an end.

I started with a companionship, and then got used to being alone. Everything that is linked here would be missed. Funny how obligations played itself. There were days in July where I looked forward to my last day and thought of rushing the time needed to get my internship done. I want to finish my time here immediately. I wanted it to end right away. But now that it has come, I want to have more days. Additional one.

After this, some of my major schedules would also have to let go.

Imagine having to cut whole days of Mondays and Wednesdays; half days of Thursdays and Fridays. I don’t have to wake up eight in the morning anymore. What will I do after that? That’s a long time to fill in.

I felt I do have to find a quick source of replacement and be fast about it. I really do. Maybe I have to get into a swimming class. After all, I‘ve been considering doing just that. Maybe I’ll searched other stuffs to do when I get home. Yes, I’m writing this article here in my internship.

I wonder what activity I will replace after this.

As I reminisced my first day. I adjusted the table back, rearrange the chair to their original place. I looked back and see it is like when I first came. There are no more magazines. No litters of papers. My things are gone. Just like how it had been before I came. The Supervisor knocks and steps in. She says it is time to go

I have to go. I really do.

Time: 5:00. My usual time out.

I hope someone will occupy this space soon.