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7 Years of Writing Novels

Seven Years Is the Number So, from the title itself. Seven is the number. I’ve been writing seven years before I decided to move seriously from publishing. I want to give an official timeline right now from when I started as I date every novels I write. But I don’t have access to them right…

On Documenting and Misleading Title

          This can found in the writer’s journey section because that was what I’m going to talk about here. But first just a short pause about today’s journey and the latest on what I’m currently working on. (Which is not the latest by the time I posted this.) Woke up at five thirty with just…

My Experience on Writing Young Adult

First of. I’m not a young adult writer. I’ve been, writing for years and I started with thriller, a couple of romances before deciding to a full pack high fantasy novels. I’m high fantasy writer and an overwriter.   But this June I jumped into writing young adult for no reason. Why? I was searching…

I probably like a new laptop

Okay, so I’ve been watching laptop reviews on Youtube lately and the more I look the more I drool. I want a new laptop and though it seemed I can afford a new one, which would really squeeze my account to the last cent, I tried so hard to resist purchasing. I loved my Asus…

Thoughts on Writing

At this moment I decided to pause editing my novel and write something else instead. It struck me that I’ve been writing for a very long time now. I think it’s already been five years of me writing a novel hard and a decade into writing stories, which I would say was not a full…

Beyond the Insanity

My thoughts in writing today. I just want to write today’s experience, in my writing life. I decided to pause today from read throughs and editing my high fantasy novel to write something this article. I’ve been feeling sleepy already and its five minute close to 1am. I don’t know if this is insanity or…

Month Ending and Laptop Malfunctioning

I don’t know if what is happening right now is meant to happen. My schedule is being ruined with a lot of things coming against my way. It wasn’t that I’m resisting them, it was just getting me irate. My laptop was an important part of my day. I spent an entire day with it.…

Quantity vs Quality Writing

Since my day today was just exactly as last week I decided to write something else instead. Otherwise, I will just be repeating what I wrote last week. Where’s the fun in that? I couldn’t think of anything new or odd today, so I will have something different in the entry today. I wanted to…


April 2020


V.G.'s books

Memories of My Melancholy Whores
liked it
Light and a good, relaxing read.
The Lies of Locke Lamora
really liked it
Another great fantasy. Love this book and the world Scott Lynch built.
The story revolves around talented rogue, thieves and conman called, Gentlmen Bastards. They are lead by a great actor, trickster and deceiver Locke Lamora. But don't...
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories
really liked it
Real life stories of most notorious serial killers in the world.The book gives good insight about serial killers' history and how they become monsters on their own right. If one is to ask, society and parents have a lot of role to play...

A Thousand Days in Venice
really liked it
The book is designed to be tasted, not just to be read. The story is beautiful and romantic. I categorize it in a romance section with a light, happy,tone vibe.
It's thick with food recipes.
But most of all it's a true story about a wom...
Eleanor & Park
liked it
Y.A. is not really my thing but I'm a little scarce with money to buy a book right now.
So what better way than to crash my sister's bookshelves and break the usual pattern of fantasy with a lot of murder and blood.Pick this novel out...

Follow your bliss-
-Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss- -Joseph Campbell
Communicate through writing
Communicate through writing
Self-expression through art
Self-expression through art
Sentiments in vain
Sentiments in vain

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