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Books I Read in 2019

List of Books I Read in 2019 Favorite Series for 2019: The First Law Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie Standalone Favorite: Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay Nonfiction Favorite: The Blank Slate, Steven Pinker Looking at this summary, I think I didn’t read enough books as I wanted to, though I achieve my target. There are short stories…

Writing Journey: Patience and Expenses

Writing Journey: Patience and Expenses             Today, I entered the Carlos Palanca Literature competition. The Don Carlos Palanca is considered the most prestigious literary event here in the Philippines. I’ve been targeting this `event` for a long time now and it’s opening of novel category, which only happened every two years. I was supposed to…

Sydney, Australia

Castle Note:Looking at some of my files, I accidentally stumbled to this travel article I’ve written a long time ago. This is my first attempt at travel writing, after my family’s trip to Sydney. This was written around 2014-2015. A CITY OF MAJESTIES WITH A BACKDROP OF OPPULENT STORIES There are times in our life…

The 20th Hour—records are meant to be broken

            So today I set a twenty hours of straight writing. I broke my record last year of writing 18 hours straight in one day, which happened several times. I didn’t intentionally set to write twenty hours today. It’s not even on my once a week schedule to write more than ten hours. But it…

Books I Read in 2018

  Looking at my read books for the year of 2018, I concluded I read a lot of entertaining and great books. Most of them are wonderful, some are not. Almost all of them are fantasy. Favorite series for 2018: Mistborn Original Trilogy by, Brandon Sanderson Standalone Favorite: Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay Nonfiction Favorite:…

My 2019 New Year’s Resolution

           I know New Year’s Resolution is something people do and make to have something excited about the New Year. We’re all aware that whatever necessary changes we want to make won’t necessarily echo throughout the year.  But still, it’s all worth the hype we make in ourselves, even though it’s just a few days…

Heavy Rains on the 30th

            So today is the last Sunday for 2018 and tomorrow will be the last day for 2018. As the year closes, I find myself in my usual routine. Out of the house to write more than ten hours, though today I left a little late than usual. Instead of five in the morning, which…

The Boredom

Boredom Writing is boring. I just wrote a short novel before I started editing Stars II. This blog is not about Stars II nor this novel I just finished recently but rather on why I started writing a new story and the amount of time it took me from editing Stars I. Stars I have…


June 2020


V.G.'s books

Memories of My Melancholy Whores
liked it
Light and a good, relaxing read.
The Lies of Locke Lamora
really liked it
Another great fantasy. Love this book and the world Scott Lynch built.
The story revolves around talented rogue, thieves and conman called, Gentlmen Bastards. They are lead by a great actor, trickster and deceiver Locke Lamora. But don't...
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories
really liked it
Real life stories of most notorious serial killers in the world.The book gives good insight about serial killers' history and how they become monsters on their own right. If one is to ask, society and parents have a lot of role to play...

A Thousand Days in Venice
really liked it
The book is designed to be tasted, not just to be read. The story is beautiful and romantic. I categorize it in a romance section with a light, happy,tone vibe.
It's thick with food recipes.
But most of all it's a true story about a wom...
Eleanor & Park
liked it
Y.A. is not really my thing but I'm a little scarce with money to buy a book right now.
So what better way than to crash my sister's bookshelves and break the usual pattern of fantasy with a lot of murder and blood.Pick this novel out...

Follow your bliss-
-Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss- -Joseph Campbell
Communicate through writing
Communicate through writing
Self-expression through art
Self-expression through art
Sentiments in vain
Sentiments in vain

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