7 Years of Writing Novels

Seven Years Is the Number

So, from the title itself. Seven is the number.

I’ve been writing seven years before I decided to move seriously from publishing. I want to give an official timeline right now from when I started as I date every novels I write.

But I don’t have access to them right now as I’m in a coffee shop.

I believe I’ve been here for seven years. Started around 2009-2010 in attempting to write my very first novel. Today, is 2017.

So what is in this number?

Number one. I’m submitting to publishers my work. As of this writing, I don’t have anything submitted. Yeah. Submitting to publishers and telling you I haven’t submitted anything.

I’ve been writing this novel for years now. This is the third year of it. I think. I’m having a difficulty editing and revising as I always write first draft. 2015 I searched for editors. I emailed some of them and they gave me their price. It’s around November that time. I would have jumped right ahead and pay them. One of them is too expensive for me. The people I can afford are fully sched and could not dedicate me anytime. Also, I’m not fully in. I’ve edited that novel already.

What happened nexr? I write first drafts after that. A lot during 2016. Somewhere in that month of 2016 I went back. By October,it’s reunion. And guess what. I edited hard. This is the only time I’m realizing how difficult editing is. I’m drained and exhausted. I loved first draft. But this thins is shit. Still, I forced myself.

I write a Nanowrimo novel for 2016 and postpone that.  Months passed before I touched this novel again. During those month, my mind is on different novels.

What did I do when I return? For mind freaking blown reason I decided to change tenses. So I changed the tense of the verbs. I edited it for several months before today, June of 2017. So what has changes so far?

I’m closer. Because I searched publishers. I did not do that before as I was looking for editors. Why did I search for publishers now? Because I don’t think I can afford an editor so I better self-edit my books.

Local publishers have necessary requirements. Long synopsis, short synopsis, about the author, cover letter. The list went on and on. I can’t count the versions of sumarries I have for my novel. I was thinking of holding back and I did hold back and didn’t reveal some important information. As if the editor is the reader! Yeah. My fault. I’m having a problem revealing all of the information.


Another thing I want to add is. After seven years of writing a lot of novels, I’m finally coming out. No, I’m not gay. After seven years I want to appear in writing communities. I still don’t have writing friends, so I think it’s better if I socialize with people who write. Also, after seven years I’m starting this website, blogging and so on. So, I’m officially putting myself out there.