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The 20th Hour—records are meant to be broken

            So today I set a twenty hours of straight writing. I broke my record last year of writing 18 hours straight in one day, which happened several times. I didn’t intentionally set to write twenty hours today. It’s not even on my once a week schedule to write more than ten hours. But it…

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Books I Read in 2018

  Looking at my read books for the year of 2018, I concluded I read a lot of entertaining and great books. Most of them are wonderful, some are not. Almost all of them are fantasy. Favorite series for 2018: Mistborn Original Trilogy by, Brandon Sanderson Standalone Favorite: Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay Nonfiction Favorite:…

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My 2019 New Year’s Resolution

           I know New Year’s Resolution is something people do and make to have something excited about the New Year. We’re all aware that whatever necessary changes we want to make won’t necessarily echo throughout the year.  But still, it’s all worth the hype we make in ourselves, even though it’s just a few days…

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