Lurking Premonition

I want to write something. Something that has always been within me but is triggered rarely.

There were days where I have this feeling. They call this gut. They call it instinct.

And mine happened to be intense.

I know other people do have this same instances where their guts seemed to shout. This voice goes against their two power making decisions: The rational. The emotional.

Let me introduced the third power that aid us in life. This do sound weird but I believed our guts are stemmed from a higher source, from the very roots of the universe itself. The third aid: Guts/Intuition/Clairvoyance. Anything in this category. They shared the same sensation in that gut. The moment where we tell ourselves, we have that kind of feeling into something.

Ever felt dejavu? I do. A lot of times.

Now, let me tell you the other side of guts that stimulated today.

It is called premonition.

I have many encounter with premonition long before. Now, I think this is not something special. Everyone do have this. That moment when you said to yourself, “I knew it!” That is premonition.

I think mine is a little bit sharpened because I am more introverted in nature and I deal with deep thoughts of thinking. Think of it this way. You are an extrovert, therefore you deal with being social. There are things you don’t feel nor see the way introverts do.

Today I went to school.

The moment I stepped in the University’s gate I sensed it. Like a blur of image. At first I ignored it. I was in a rush. Technically, I don’t have classes today. Semester has ended early for graduation students so I’m not rushing into anything. But I am. I’m having a lot of burn inside me. That act of doing and producing. Of working.

It’s already 3 in the afternoon, I think. I went to the University to write my novel in the library. That’s it. Writing could simply be done close at home or simply at home. Why bother to go to the University, especially when I’m not going to meet anyone?

Anyway. As I stepped in. I thought of someone else. Her image came in my head. You should think, that out of all the people I know I thought about this someone else specifically. A passing thought in my head.

I went on my way and ignored this, thinking this is just a passing thought. Similar when you remembered someone else. I brought my coffee. Kratos Double Espresso, Latte this time. This coffee is really a badass. It will make you move.

Anyway back to the premonition. As I am rushing and didn’t want to waste a single second I opened the bottle and decide to drink while I was walking. I did so.

Then a flash of scenes came in my head. Similar when you daydreamed.

This someone whom I know, I will see today. She is a girl. And in this daydream she is in front of me and told me, “You are drinking coffee again.” She is smirking. She did because of some past event that both of us understood.

By this time I wondered what was with her that she is the only one that is in my head during this time. Come on, I have many classmates and acquaintances I could think of. I decided that perhaps I would really see her.

I tipped the entire content in my throat as I walked fast. Finished my coffee and threw it to the trash.

I walked to the library.

I entered the library with a nod on the security guard. Students who didn’t wear their uniform were not allowed to be in the library. But since I am graduating, I figured it would be reason enough, plus it is the last few days of semesters.

The guard nodded back and didn’t bother me. The library has many individual stalls in rows and columns. As I walked in between I happened to see the girl.

She was there, seated on one of the stalls, talking to her friend. I blinked and before I dwell further or think further about this, I already reached her. I didn’t stop. I was continuously walking so no time to think about this weird premonition.

I waved my hand on her face and she turned. We talked for a few seconds before I proceeded.

I found my place and sat.

I think. What the hell? No. She didn’t say anything about the coffee or any lines in my daydream.

But what were the chances of her being there? Of me, thinking beforehand that I would see her? You must understand I am at the library almost every day for months now and there were days where I stayed for six hours. Not once, did I notice her in the library. Not once, I thought about randomly meeting her.

But I did and that day, out of all the things I could think of, she was the one who came in my head.

So this is this weird stuff. I don’t know what is.

I call it premonition. This is not the first time I have this, and I know this will not be the last.

Date it happened: 10/17/16

Date Written: 10/23/16, 1:00 AM