On Documenting and Misleading Title

          This can found in the writer’s journey section because that was what I’m going to talk about here. But first just a short pause about today’s journey and the latest on what I’m currently working on. (Which is not the latest by the time I posted this.)

Woke up at five thirty with just an hour of sleep from Saturday. Truth be told, I could sleep eight hours and I wanted too. I went to bed early but after several minutes, rolled out of bed and started surfing the net. I only logged in two hours for Saturday. It’s my lowest logged this month. My mind relaxed because I figured I’ll hit sixteen today. Anyway, got up by five heavily groggy. Last Sunday I didn’t log my usual ten hours plus. And I knew in myself that one Sunday missed, the next one would be a little difficult to achieve. On the table, eating Vienna sausage, my mind was telling me to go back to bed. I’m already awake and I never did go back to bed once I wake up. So, I left home and got the next events with the usual schedule as before. Dunkin Donuts. Had to leave that place because my bladder was heavy. Continued in Wendy’s. And now here at Bo’s Coffee. Nothing relevant happened. Nothing weird. No lesbian smooching around me. Or perhaps, just about to. Oh, I think the barista overdosed my usual coffee with, well, coffee. I don’t know if she recognized me, I would be overspending my time here and just added that bitter taste. I recognized them already but I don’t think they do recognized me. My coffee was a little strong today. I left less than a quarter in the cup! I never had a situation where I didn’t finish my coffee except today. I wonder if she did that intentionally. Anyway, that is all today and checked the time logged I was able to accomplish today. Fourteen hours of work, as I looked at my stop watch in my wrist watch and it’s just 1:00 am.


The logged in I did today was pure first draft writing on the fifth book of my unpublished series. Yes, another high fantasy with 100k plus words target. I started it after finishing the entry for a 40k word count story in a local publishing, Lampara Publishing House.

My recent activities evolved in that area. Writing that novel, self-editing, rewriting and revising the past few weeks. The costs this taking me is very expensive. It’s squeezing me tight. Publishing house was asking for a printout, a copy in the cd and notarization from a lawyer. The print out alone was already too expensive for me and I made a mistake of printing it when I planned to add a scene in the novel. It was a failure because even though I just want to add around four sentences there was no way the structure of the pages would remain the same and I will only need to print the page where I changed them! No.  I rushed it after four rounds of editing simply because it was already overlapping with my schedule for this high fantasy novel. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I don’t write in the genre they were asking. I enjoyed the writing the novels but that was not what I write. My self-deadlines were not meeting with my set schedules. Another one I’m busy about was creating a website. I paid someone to do it for me but he seemed busy with something else and I wasn’t about to wait for him. I experimented it left and right, in total desperation on how this website work. I paid him but I already cut the amount his asking for half so I don’t really know what I’m paying him too. Yes. I suck at conversation. I exchanged email but both of us are busy and there was no vacant schedule for us to accomplish what needed in the website. I want this and that. So, I went on and spend some hours studying how to create a website. How to add this row, this parallax effect. Color coding. How you put a blog in a website! I personally think it was time wasting but I went in a series of tutorials in YouTube that I found half of them were useless for me as I didn’t get to apply it. Of course, I want to beautify it so I went on another process. Stumbled into which websites I could get free photos without copywriting, err. Did I just typed that? Copyright, I mean.  Yes, I’m in a business of creation so I better not take someone else’s property. Though I think I did as there was a photo in YouTube I took. I asked the person who uploaded it, make a comment I’ll be adding the photo in my website. But there was no respond so far.

Where was I? I got lost. Bo’s Coffee was suddenly full. And they’re squeezing me left and right. I was this weird shit trying hard author in between of two groups. I think the left one came from a club. They looked the socialites. I don’t know what’s up with this people on my right. And they are noisy. Anyway, back to…


I was spending a lot of time learning how to build a beautiful and aesthetic website. Adding this and that.  This room is fully pack. I’m not sure if I should leave or not. Crews are giving me the stares. I think I should buy a sandwich.

Anyway, as I was saying. I was building a website…Adding this and I’m learning so far. Another one is that I have to reprint that novel and print the novel. I haven’t yet but will get to that soon.

Yes, title was: On Documenting.

Write that up because I’m supposed to say something about it. Now, I forgot it so I’m going to take a different track here. And write whatever comes right now.

Gee. A baby was crying.

I’m hungry.

So, I believed the moment I posted this the website would have been done. I’m uploading my articles there dates months ago.

I personally think anyone in this journey of trying to be an author should document their journey. So, that’s what this writing journey is all about. Writing the journeys of writing. Not the step by step of getting publish, but the one journey after another. One session after another. Of course, I’m not writing here the everyday journey. Gosh. That will be very boring and repetitive. I try to write everyday now but will keep on updating this section every two weeks. Every time I write outside. It seemed cool to write about being in a coffee shop. Just like now. They drown the music with their voices. What are the chances of two huge groups coming at exactly the same time? Eh? I have a tendency to shrink here as I’m completely outnumber and alone. But I’ll try to soar like a phoenix and not get it in my mind. Fortunately, they arrived when I’m writing this article and not when I’m writing a novel. I definitely don’t want any phoenix for that work.

I felt like I should switch this to article and title this how to stand out. Dare to be different.

Back to that print out expenses, I personally think that if you’re not willing to cash out for your passion, you’re setting yourself out at the end of the cliff. The winning prize I’m going to get there, as I plan would be for editing services for a higher ambitious project but we’ll see.

If anyone will stumble in this article, I’ll like to impose the fact that if you want to be a novelist you have to be prepare to cash out. A lot. I printed out a novel before when I was still able to breathe well financially and it doesn’t matter because my mother gave me allowances. I printed that novel. But at the end, I did not read it. I still edited through my laptop. So, it’s just a lost. And with this latest error, I also have another lost. I wonder how much I would spend before I made it?

Here’s a computation for this specific area to enter the competition:


For international reader, that’s one dollar per forty pesos. I think for you, it’ll be cheap. But at this stage, it’s expensive for me already. I already cut my own hair twice for three months now.

250 pesos- Print out.

200 pesos- Travel funds

Will update this once the final expenses came out for the cost of entering the competition…

Yeah. After saying my whereabouts today. Buying expensive coffee and all I get to complain about the expenses right? Yes. A little bit hypocrisy here. But hey, this is included in cashing out for your passion. I’ve been writing six days at home for at least four hours a day. I don’t see people. I felt the need to go out and see some people to keep my sanity intact. Just see some people. No harm in that. And so, at least once a week I should go out. Don’t blame my indulges of spending on coffees. I’m not materialistic. My cell phone still broke. It was just that I have to go out and changed setting and environment.

Another thing I will be working over the next weeks is printing a third novel. Not writing. Printing. This novel I’ve been working on it for three years around. This is a real novel for me even though I’ve written novels for a submission of a local publishers. Why? I’ve edited this specific, this third novel more than I could count my fingers and toes. This is not my magnus opum. I believed it’s the high fantasy I’m writing. But I spent so so much time on this specific novel already, I want this out by 2018 at the hands of many. I may cash out on marketing with this book. I want to emphasis this is not a dilly dolly plan I’m making. This is not me, hyping myself with dreams and possibilities and endless plans. The action has been taken already. The novels are done.

Back to…

Spending time and cashing out for your passion is the best way to achieve what you’re trying to achieve in life. In fact, money should be invested all there. I didn’t spend on editor for my entry in the local publisher because I’m sort. But once money get flowing, and it will (proclaiming here) I’ll be spending on editors. But for now, I must stick with tight self-editing because that’s what I could do at the moment. Hopefully, my budget would be enough. It’s smart to give this expensive coffees, really and just do it all at home. When I don’t have my laptop, I do it straight at home. So, there was no problem with it. But there was also another reason I have to go out on a Sunday. If I stay at home, my family would stay. I shared the room with someone else. Not technically sleeping in the room. But the things so if they were there the door would be opening and closing for that someone to get his things.  I would rather have this distraction in the coffee shop, handle the noises than deal the situation at home. My family don’t know I’m writing and I don’t want the flow to be interrupted. Another thing was that I have a tendency not to log in a Sunday. There were a lot of people at home. Calling me to watch this movie and that with them and they are pretty insisting about it. So, I have to leave on a Sunday to work. And hey, my highest work log was always on a Sunday. I always surpassed the eleven hour mark once a week.


This article is freaking everywhere. There is cashing out, situation and all. So messy. Yes. Since I don’t edit anything in the blog section page of this website, this article will be publish straight in the website like the other works before. I tend it to be cold, first draft in this blog section because I don’t see any value on it. Most of it was just for me.

The effort is in the Writers Lounge (Provided I stick with this page title on my website) That is where I put the value of the website.

I have to stop now or I would go back again to the current setting of this coffee shop.

Girl across me is spreading her legs apart, I’m having a peek of the color of the day. One of her companion was seated beside me and perhaps if he stopped that game he was playing he would notice and say something. Yeah…



Date Written: June. 26, 2017

As always by no other than Victorianne Castle.