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Barreling Through

Barreling Through

Barreling Through I just want to write a quick article about writing. No, this is not about the technical stuff. We all have our own unique ways in expressing ourselves in words. This will just be about my experienced. So for the past two days, according to the report of my calendar I hadn’t written…



Graduation So it’s 12 midnight and I’m in the only twenty four hour Starbucks I know in this country. Tomorrow, guessed what? I will be graduating! Earlier I was at the University, walking with some of my batchmates, finalizing some papers. The graduation hadn’t fully sunk in yet to me or it wouldn’t just sink…

Nanowrimo Thoughts

Nanowrimo Thoughts I have been writing all year round. From January up to this point, December 01. So nanorwimo is just one of the month like any other normal month of the year. I also wrote a few novels since the year started, barreling through like a maniac, making sure I write every month and…

My First 21k Run

My First 21k Run Racing gives me a higher level of concentration and clarity. To be a runner is to know that running changes life. It’s not always in the obvious ways, like pounds lost or a renewed sense of energy. It’s new opportunities. It’s an attitude or a new belief that allows a series…

Lurking Premonition

  I want to write something. Something that has always been within me but is triggered rarely. There were days where I have this feeling. They call this gut. They call it instinct. And mine happened to be intense. I know other people do have this same instances where their guts seemed to shout. This…


So I’m finding myself hugely sentimental lately. Everything, and I mean almost literally, is ending within this week. Today is my last day in my internship. As I am fixing the magazines I find myself sentimental and drawn as if I don’t want this to end. Maybe, I don’t. I have my own table here…

I know I am in my dream. . .

I know I’m in my Dream So I just want to share an odd experience that happened last night. I’m not talking about a dream and it’s connotation with ambition and purpose. I’m talking about the actual dream, the state you have when you sleep. It was Sunday night and I was very very tired…

Turned Down Multiple Times

Turned Down Multiple Times So I decided to write something about that continuously lingered and bothered me for hours now. It is about my internship companion that I mentioned in my last article. Part of the requirements for the completion of internship is a mock interview. And here I would see her again. We see…


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V.G.'s books

Memories of My Melancholy Whores
liked it
Light and a good, relaxing read.
The Lies of Locke Lamora
really liked it
Another great fantasy. Love this book and the world Scott Lynch built.
The story revolves around talented rogue, thieves and conman called, Gentlmen Bastards. They are lead by a great actor, trickster and deceiver Locke Lamora. But don't...
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories
really liked it
Real life stories of most notorious serial killers in the world.The book gives good insight about serial killers' history and how they become monsters on their own right. If one is to ask, society and parents have a lot of role to play...

A Thousand Days in Venice
really liked it
The book is designed to be tasted, not just to be read. The story is beautiful and romantic. I categorize it in a romance section with a light, happy,tone vibe.
It's thick with food recipes.
But most of all it's a true story about a wom...
Eleanor & Park
liked it
Y.A. is not really my thing but I'm a little scarce with money to buy a book right now.
So what better way than to crash my sister's bookshelves and break the usual pattern of fantasy with a lot of murder and blood.Pick this novel out...


Follow your bliss-
-Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss- -Joseph Campbell
Communicate through writing
Communicate through writing
Activism through written word
Activism through written word
Expressions in vain
Expressions in vain

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