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Books I Read in 2016

It occurred to me I should put a list of the books I read in 2016. Just so I know what books I have been reading so far. I had looked at my shelf at home, picked one and remember when the last time I read them. So for an easy access, here it is…

On Writing Multiple Stories At The Same Time

Today, I’m at Seattle’s Best Coffee. I didn’t set myself to write outside today. But I was informed two in the morning earlier that I would have to accompany my uncle in the renewal of his license. My uncle came from Singapore and is not used to the places around Metro Manila. So I have…

Long Session Editing

Today, I want to thanked the following: Dunkin Donuts in Shaw Blvd. Wendy’s Greenfield District Bo’s Coffee Makati I want to thank them for the patience they have for one customer who is trying to be a writer and spends time in their place more than a customer should. I especially want to thank Bo’s…

Addiction to Passion: The 15th Hour

          Last week was Easter Sunday so I didn’t get to leave because I have to spend some family time. It was a jovial one.           But today I continued my streak of more than ten hours and just as the title say, I broke and shattered by previous record of fourteen. I stopped…

Why I don’t Open my Facebook

Okay, contrary to the title I just opened my Facebook ten seconds ago. I don’t normally open my Facebook. Probably, twice a week but not more. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m feeling anxiety? And I’m not feeling productive with scrolling news feed and catching up with some people. But I opened it to…

Fourteenth Hour Continuation

Hey! Me again. This is still a continuation of my last entry and yes, I’m still sane. In fact, I feel like I’m unstoppable though my fingers are shaking and I’m finally feeling the fatigue. I can feel it in my arms. If earlier I feel vomiting with colds and coughs. All of those are…

The Fourteenth Hour

I’m just so so so tired and sleepy today. I just finished editing, adding and deleting my novel a minute ago. Surprisingly, it isn’t my fingers that are exhausted. It is my head. I just want to sleep and to close my eyes. I think I can’t go home at my current state. I’m feeling…

A Short Note on Finishing another Novel

I am just feeling grateful today. I just want to document it so when I start another one and looked back again I would know how it is like to finish another novel. I just put `the end. ` I didn’t necessarily write an entire novel this time. It was a read through of the…


February 2018
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V.G.'s books

Memories of My Melancholy Whores
liked it
Light and a good, relaxing read.
The Lies of Locke Lamora
really liked it
Another great fantasy. Love this book and the world Scott Lynch built.
The story revolves around talented rogue, thieves and conman called, Gentlmen Bastards. They are lead by a great actor, trickster and deceiver Locke Lamora. But don't...
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories
really liked it
Real life stories of most notorious serial killers in the world.The book gives good insight about serial killers' history and how they become monsters on their own right. If one is to ask, society and parents have a lot of role to play...

A Thousand Days in Venice
really liked it
The book is designed to be tasted, not just to be read. The story is beautiful and romantic. I categorize it in a romance section with a light, happy,tone vibe.
It's thick with food recipes.
But most of all it's a true story about a wom...
Eleanor & Park
liked it
Y.A. is not really my thing but I'm a little scarce with money to buy a book right now.
So what better way than to crash my sister's bookshelves and break the usual pattern of fantasy with a lot of murder and blood.Pick this novel out...


Follow your bliss-
-Joseph Campbell
Follow your bliss- -Joseph Campbell
Communicate through writing
Communicate through writing
Activism through written word
Activism through written word
Expressions in vain
Expressions in vain

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