April Report

Last six months report:


I was like hit by nostalgia. And I decided to put the month of April here.

I think I’ve already hit a plateau in language learning. Today, I watched the common clip I had watched in the month of November. I was hit with the nostalgia. I drunk my coffee, the same coffee I was drinking during that time and I just reminisce. When I started in that month I felt excitement to tackle this new hobby. I still feel excited up today. But the feeling is not the same anymore.

I think I was hit with complacency and something must change. I could remember November right now, around seven months ago. A lot of things have happened. I’ve written a lot of novels. Edited some of them. Created a new one. Learned a language. I felt I am growing. But the feeling was not as it was used to be. In some way, I wanted it back. The feeling of newness and excitement. Not the hustling work. Is this the part when interest and passion became work?

I know I can’t have the same feeling anymore. What do I mean? What do I want back? The November? I still have the same schedule now, right? Or maybe I need to watch a series. It was in November where I last watched a TV series. And I never watched anything since. Maybe I need something to watch for escapism. What interesting show should I watched? I think, last year around this time, I should be watching Game of Thrones. Or are they just delay?  But I’ll still push through after April and just continue what I’m doing. I know at the end I’ll get a result from it.

A short summary of what I’ve been doing this month of April. This schedule is almost the same since November except for writing. I’ve been writing for years now and averaging at least hundred hours per month. But for the last six months, I’m not attending school or having a job.

So here is April, according to my calendar. Writing: 142hrs, Language Learning: 24hrs, Reads: King of Thorns, Exercise: 1… All in all this is the only activities I’ve done. I didn’t go out and socialize. Can’t even remember the last time I’ve been with a group of people. I think it was graduation last December but after that I’m empty. As you can see, there is exercise here with only number one on it. That’s not hours, that’s a session of less than thirty minutes. I’m trying to get to weight lifting. We have equipment here and it’s just getting worn and useless. I also attempted to make a running come back, but continuously postponed it. I’ve replaced running with language learning. So these are all I’ve been doing.